Wee Free Men

I love Terry Pratchett.  I’ve loved all the Discworld novels I’ve read so far.  So it was rather surprising that I wasn’t loving Wee Free Men.

wee free men terry pratchettIt kept with his beautiful writing style.  Quips of humor were sprinkled throughout.  The characters were thought out and alive in my mind.  Everything was there to make it a book I should love, and I tried.  I really did.  It just didn’t work for me.

I guess I could always blame the baby brain.  My attention span has been close to nothing.  I find myself falling asleep for no reason what so ever.  But its hard to blame it solely on the pregnancy when I’ve read other books since becoming pregnant.  So what is it about this particular book that didn’t work?

It is a mystery to me, and its maddening.  I’ll probably give it another read several months from now.  And because its Pratchett, I’ll reserve my full judgement until after that read.

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