A Little Purple With Your Pink

Everyone knows that October is breast cancer awareness month.  A lot fewer people know that October is also domestic violence and rape awareness month.  Its a rather unsavory topic that seems to get ignored or avoided.  So every October I make it my mission to inform and support.

Small talk is big in my work place (and I assume most work places).  “That haircut looks good.”  “Did you lose weight?”  All common place, but without real want of conversation.  So I make it my mission to try and start real conversations.


Purple dye/extensions get put in my hair almost every October.  (Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness.)  And sure enough someone comments on it.  I then take it upon myself to explain why I have purple in my hair.  This conversation starter goes one of two ways.  Either they become uncomfortable and leave, or they ask for more information.  I like it when the latter happens.

Information leads to awareness.  Awareness leads to support.  This is the real reason I’m writing today.  Support.

There are many organizations around the country that support victims of violence, but the one that I give my support to is a local one:  The Center for Women and Families.  The name is a little misleading.  They don’t just serve women.  They serve all victims, women, men, kids, trans, anyone and everyone who needs help.  The Center offers free support: escaping the bad situation, temporary housing, counseling, even escorts and support during trials.  They are an amazing force for good in this community and deserve more recognition.

Alex and I will be donating to The Center for Women and Families to support the endeavor of helping victims.


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