1st Anniversary Gift

Alex and I like to be a little different when it comes to traditions, but we still like the idea of having traditions.

Alex and I agreed that we should do a combined gift.  I know that his gift to me would have always outshone my gift to him.  He’s more of a romantic and I tend to fall short in that category (but he still loves me anyway).  It also allows us to come up with something together.  Working together is a big part of what I think a marriage depends on, so it seemed only appropriate that we work together on this task.

Paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift.  I liked that idea.  Something simple and has a lot of opportunities to be creative.  We tossed around a bunch of ideas.  A new boardgame, maybe a magic deck, a book, etc.  I even got on pintrest to see what the girly masses had in store.  Nothing seemed to fit with how we like to see ourselves.  We try to be anti stuff, and all of this just seemed like an excuse for more stuff.

But then I was hit with a brilliant idea that represented who we wanted to be as a couple.


Donating money.  (I know cash isn’t paper, but a check is!)  We both loved the idea of giving instead of getting a gift.  Next year is going to be fun!

One thought on “1st Anniversary Gift”

  1. Love it! You’re a beautiful couple! Also, lmao: “I even got on Pinterest” and “girly masses.” I’m still snickering to myself.

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