Walking is an Option

Alex is busy this week, which means that I’m on my own for transportation to work.  I’m an adult, which means I can totally figure this out.

I could take the car.  But I’d either have to pay for parking, or park so far away I might as well just keep the car at home.  I could ask for a ride, but the people that I feel comfortable enough asking would have to go out of their way to come get me… doesn’t seem fair.  I could always dust off my bike.  Except for the fact that the Dr told me to not bike on busy streets.  And I am starting to get more and more stiff/sore/ache-y going to/from a sitting position.

So I pretty much left myself with the option of walking.  Which is good for a preggo lady (and people in general).  Living close to work has its perks.

Although I did discover that even with it being in the 60’s I’ll need to start bringing a second shirt to change into at work… whoops.

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