The Evils of DnD

Everyone knows that DnD will cause to you worship the devil.  But there are hidden evils that many people are not aware of.  This is just a small list that I’ve come to experience myself.

  • You want to spend time with your friends:  Can’t play DnD without other people, so it makes you want to actually see people and try to have fun
  • Doesn’t leave time for bar hopping:  With all of your friends over for DnD and with the hours spent playing, there is no time for rubbing elbows with the strange masses while paying for overpriced drinks
  • Basic addition seems suddenly very tough:  The stress of how much damage my mace did becomes overwhelming
  • It forces you to use imagination:  This one is the worst.  Not only do I not have a given visual, causing me to use brain cells to envision the scene, but then I have to use my creativity to make a decision without having a list of options for me to choose from.

Heed my warnings and game responsibly.

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