Current Reading

So I’ve noticed a trend recently.  I’ve lost a bit of interest in reading most of my 2015 list and the VF book club.  I don’t know if its because I was feeling pressure to get books read by a certain date, or just the fact that most of my after work activities include napping on the couch.

PHB players handbook 5e dungeons and dragonsOne book that I did manage to read through was the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Players Handbook.  Yup… I’m a dork.  But now I’m a knowledgeable dork when it comes to player character (PC) functions of 5e.

My realization of this came this morning.  While talking to Kirsten, she mentioned looking at some of the class specifics of certain classes… and I knew exactly what she was talking about and other options to be had.

This made me really happy.  Not only can I hold conversations about 5e, but I feel like I can help my friends when the time comes for us to create our new campaign.  I’m ready for this!  Even if it is still several months away.

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