Friday Night Fright Films: Exorcism of Emily Rose

Every Friday night this month I’ll watch one horror/Halloween-y film of my choice.  So far I’ve watched Nosferatu, Sleepy Hollow, and 13 Ghosts.

Tonight’s film will be Exorcism of Emily Rose. Demonic movies tend to have a special place in my collection.  I own several and each one has a distinct thing I appreciate.  I decided to go with this film over the classic possession film The Exorcist mostly because I watched The Exorcist about a month ago… I tend to watch my horror year round.

Another reason why I chose this movie over the others in my collection is that I love that this story has a different set up to it. It starts off almost feeling like a courtroom drama, then quickly turns dark.  While its not exactly non-horror-fan-friendly, I can see this movie as a transition movie for those who may be fearful of the genre.

exorcism of emily rose friday night fright film


One thought on “Friday Night Fright Films: Exorcism of Emily Rose”

  1. Oh I Love horror films! So far I have watched many horror movies like Friday the 13th series, the Conjuring, 13Ghosts, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Annabelle, Haunting in the Connecticut series, Scary Movie Series, Scream Series, Nightmare on Elm Street! and much more! I love all of em. They are so so interesting and best for entertaintment

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