Chili Cook Off

Alex and I are members of the Great Flood Liars Mug Club.  So about every couple of months Great Flood hosts an event specifically for the members.  Last night was a Chili Cook Off.

I’ve never participated in any cooking type competitions, but I figured this would be a good one.  Not only would this be one of the only Great Flood events that I could fully participate in (thank you pregnancy), but I figured that the prize would be worth the pain of making a chili.  The 1st place prize was a free renewal of the FLC membership.

I made my bean-free chili.  It has a lot of veggies in it which always makes me happy.  I was also pretty confident that no one else would be making a chili like mine.

chili cook off great flood brewingI didn’t win, but I was super proud of my chili.  It was also half gone by the time we left, so people must have at least liked it a bit.  Overall it was a great night and I would totally do it again.

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