Fixing Mistakes

Last night I brought back out the baby blanket, and really wanted to get some work done on it.

It had been a while since I knitted on the blanket, so when I picked it up I had to figure where I was in the pattern.  After some stitch counting and looking at the pattern I thought I knew where I was.  But something seemed a bit off.

I figured I may had just screwed up a stitch and dropped it back and fixed it.  Or so I thought.

Knitting along… Wait… that’s not right.  So I tinked back and took another look at the pattern.  Figuring I was really just a row off, I dropped the “fixed” portion and redid it in what I was certain was the corrected row.

Started knitting again.  Still wasn’t right.  Tinked back again. Quietly wishing I could have some beer, I studied my knitting and its pattern once again.

Then I realized I was in the completely wrong part of the pattern.  Whoops.  After that I was completely fine and knitted along.  Lets hope I remember where I left off the next time I pick up the blanket.

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