Friday Night Fright Films: Nightmare Before Christmas

Every Friday night this month I’ll watch one horror/Halloween-y film of my choice.  So far I’ve watched Nosferatu, Sleepy Hollow, and 13 Ghosts and Exorcism of Emily Rose.

This week’s movie is probably my favorite holiday movie.  Not only do I get to watch it for Halloween, but I also get to watch it during the Krampus season as well.  (Really I watch it year round, but whatever.) The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Its lighthearted, has a good story, suitable for most ages, has catchy songs, and the style is beautiful.  Oogie Boogie also happens to be one of my favorite animated villains.  Adding the voice of Ken Page doesn’t add a bias at all… nope… none.

oogie boogie nightmare before christmas friday night fright film


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