NaNoWriMo is the buzz right now.  Tons of people sit down at their computers/paper and pour words out in hopes that it will become a novel.  I’ve tried it before and found it to be overwhelming and not really a good fit for my brain or self worth.

I ended up squeezing every ounce of creativity from my brain on a near daily basis.  I didn’t end up with the suggested daily word count (1666), nor did I even manage to write every day.  About half way through the month I gave up.  Mentally exhausted and feeling like a failure.

After a while of reflection I realized that the NaNoWriMo system just doesn’t work for me.  Especially since I’m not really a person who wants or cares about being published.  I just like getting my thoughts out into the world, doesn’t matter if anyone reads them or not (hence the blog). I also found that my breed of creativity is the type that comes in small bursts and normally doesn’t last too long.  I’m more of a creativity sprinter, where NaNoWriMo is most assuredly a 10K if not a 10 miler.  (I save the term marathon and ultramarathon for the professional writers who somehow manage to make a living out of writing.)

So this year in the spirit of NaNoWriMo I’m going to write, but I’m going to use my own rules:

Firstly I’m not planning on writing a novel.  I have no story arc hanging out in my head and I don’t think the 1st of Nov is the time to come up with one.  I do have ideas for my DnD character’s background, so I’m planning on fleshing out some of those details and mini stories.

Secondly I’m not going to worry about word count.  I think the stress of counting my words was my downfall last time.  I want to place an expectation of just writing.  Baby steps right?

Lastly I’m not going to finish this work.  This is mostly due to the fact that what I am writing is going to continue on in our DnD game come the new year.  And who knows, some things may change in her history, or be added or subtracted.  The backstory has to remain relatively fluid for the first little bit.  Characters tend to evolve on their own for the first couple sessions in game.  I’m just using this as a chance to get a running start.

Overall I don’t think that NaNoWriMo is a bad thing, just not a thing for me.  But I will use it as inspiration for my own personal challenge.  I’ll update you as things progress.

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