Recently at work I’ve had a little more time to do non-work reading.  Reading is good, but is better when what you are reading makes you think.  Yesterday I read an article that put a smile on my face because it made me stop and think.  It even pushed me to want to talk about it.

Mister Money Mustache has been a talking point in my family for a few years now.  When a new article comes out, its typical that we will discuss it at dinner or breakfast the next morning.  The conversation normally ends with how proud of ourselves we are for having some Mustachian qualities and how we are working towards improving our habits to reflect who and where we want to be.

MMM’s new post was a bit different than the ones I really like, but it struck a chord with me.  It was really the afterword that hit home:

Sure, it’s easy for me to joke about giving a shit, but how would we really implement this in real life? I think we should start by:

  • Recruiting engineers rather than salespeople to become our political leaders.
  • Insisting that our government use science rather than ideology when making decisions about things. The best thing you can ever experience is being proven wrong by well-gathered data, and then learning from it
  • Studying personal happiness rather than retail catalogs and car brochures when trying to improve your lot in life.
  • Immediately giving up all forms of TV and spend that time walking and doing other things outside. How would your life and your health change, if you spent at least 4 hours out of every 24 in the great outdoors?
  • When you live by this example, you automatically pass the values to everyone around you. Whether you notice or not, people are watching you and they will follow.

Seriously, if any of that poked at something in your brain go read the article and let it simmer.

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