Krampus Spreadsheet

Every year the Yarn Harlot talks about her Christmas spreadsheet.  I thought this was a grand idea and decided to try my hand at it this year.

So far its been a great success!  Mind you, my spreadsheet is no where near as involved as the Yarn Harlot’s, but I still think the idea of getting all the expectations out there in written form is a tremendous help.

All of the Krampus gifts for my family have been decided.  The majority of them have already been purchased.  Just a few more things to round up, and then all I’ll have to do is wrap them!

I don’t use the spreadsheet for tasks.  Alex and I have been using Wunderlist.  Yet another wonderful organization idea.  Some people would see Wunderlist as a glorified to-do list.  The great thing about this program is that you can categorize, share lists, assign due dates, have it send you reminders, and the best part is that it can go with you (phone app) without the fear of loosing that little slip of paper you wrote everything on.

All in all this is the first year where I’m not feeling stressed about the Krampus situation.  There is a plan and I’m currently working on completing said plan.  Spreadsheets are beautiful.

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