That Krampus Spirit

I’ve talked about the Krampus beforea lot.  At this point I’ve pretty much replaced the word Christmas with Krampus.  I would say this is due to my Bah Humbug approach to the holiday season.

I learned about the Krampus several years ago from Southern Tier’s Krampus beer.  I was searching for a new beer to try, and saw an Imperial Helles Lager that just sounded tasty.  The beer was delicious, but I was curious about the little figure they had on the label.  After some quick googling I discovered who the Krampus was and I quickly fell in love with the whole notion.

Krampus movie 2015 legendary pictures It seems that the Krampus spirit is catching on.  Geek and Sundry put out their own article yesterday about Krampus festivals around the US.  I guess that’s another thing to put on my list of new holiday traditions I’d like to try.

With the new Krampus movie coming out this weekend I no longer feel like I’m alone in my knowledge of the Krampus.  Makes me happy to know that the Krampus is finally getting the notoriety it deserves.

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