DnD + Krampus = Awesome

This past Saturday I had the wonderful experience of DMing a holiday themed one off adventure for some of my friends.

I originally had planned this adventure as more of a puzzle and riddle sort of dungeon crawl, but I figured that would be a little one note, so I started to look up some monsters to add into the mix.  It was a larger group this time around, which meant that I got to have some fun choosing monsters for the encounters.

I found a plant creature that was called Silver Bells, and that’s what really got the holiday spirit going.  (That creature was eventually cut due to time constraints.)  I had Deer and Gremlins to stand in as reindeer and Santa’s helpers.  There was a Gelatinous Cube which looked a lot like a giant fruit cake.  For the big boss I had a Satyr acting as a Krampus.  Can’t have the good guys trying to take out Santa… just didn’t seem right.  Paizo does have the stats for an actual Krampus, but I figured a CR 8 was going to be a bit much for a group of level 2 adventurers.

I loved everything about this adventure. Especially the moment where one of the group tried eating the fruit cake… didn’t end up too well for her. It was a great blend of holiday spirit and killing things.  Maybe there will be more themed adventures in the future.

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