Movie Night: Krampus

I’ve been super excited for the new film Krampus to finally make its appearance in theaters.  I’m never one for actually going to a theater on a weekend, so last night was the moment I had been waiting for. And it was everything I thought it would be.  Campy, scary at moments, and truly showcased what is wrong with the holiday season.

Krampus-Movie-PosterThe acting was better than a typical campy horror film.  Props to Toni Collette for getting me right in the feels.  The costuming and production/monster design was amazing.  Not surprising considering it was from Weta Workshops. (The same people who did Lord of the Rings.)  I’m truly glad that they decided to do mostly practical effects.  I feel that horror movies loose a lot of their fear when the audience can tell the monster is CG.  By the way, creepy doll alert.

The story was pretty well paced.  It didn’t feel long and dragged out, nor did it feel like it rushed through everything in order to get to the scary parts.  The opening credits scene put a very large smile on my face.  Even if you don’t watch the rest of the film, that scene is worth the few minutes of your time.

I give this movie full stars, and I’ve already requested the DVD for my birthday. This film more than any other holiday film has truly gotten me into the Christmas spirit.

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