Beer Review: Blackberry Barleywine

Blackberry Barley Wine from New Belgium Brewing Company

Alex and I decided we wanted to fill our growler and howler with beers from Great Flood.  We checked out their Beer Menu and I was immediately drawn to the Barley Wine.  New Belgium’s website describes this beer:

The darker the berry, the sweeter the barley wine—that’s what we thought when brewing the first barley wine in New Belgium history. Blackberry Barley Wine channels the elegant spirit of a classic English barley wine, but with a kiss of blackberry to elevate the sip beyond convention.

It is 10% ABV with 50 IBUs and is classified as a Barley Wine

Amber’s Review (4/5):

I drank this beer a while ago, but don’t remember enough about it to talk about the beer without feeling like I’m not giving it full thought.  I’ll try to get better about review beers in a more timely fashion.


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