Cry it Out

Last night I went to Actors Theatre of Louisville. Every spring they put on the Humana Festival of New American Plays. I had seen a couple of the other plays but the one I saw last night really spoke to me (and it wasn’t just the movie references).

It is called Cry it Out and it’s about new parents. Specifically two moms that make a special bond through the obstacles they encounter having newborns.

Let’s just say this play is REAL. It felt like a super accurate portrayal of my experience as a first time mom. From humorous things like testing how far your baby monitor reaches and talking to the breast pump to much more serious ideas such as postpartum depression. And of course the ever looming guilt that every mother deals with, “Am I a good mother?”

This play will make you laugh. You will get wonderful heartwarming feelings. You might also cry. Feeling the pain that these women feel. But it’s OK. Just cry it out.

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