Streamlining Social Media

So I’ve finally decided after years of being a bunch of different screen names all across the internet that I’m going to choose one name.

I’ve decided to do this for several reasons, but mostly for the fact that now I can say one name when people want to search for my personal social media accounts.  Being 1/3 of a podcast is demanding a more present social media persona.

I’d normally not give a crap as to how easy/hard it is to find me on social media, but its even started to bug me that I don’t have a firm brand for myself on the podcast.  I’m really enjoying the podcast and I want to keep it going.  And if I have to relinquish my titles of Zarrek and RueRocker to do so, then oh well.

Here I am fulling embracing Brews and Ewes.


I’ve been super busy IRL, but I’ve also created something in the interwebs world. My friends and I have started a podcast.

It is called Fuck This Knit

We talk about knitting while drinking beer. We swear a lot. And we have opinions. I’m not going to go too much into the content because you just have to listen.  Its only three episodes, but we have plans for more.  We post them on the second Tuesday of the month.

Go.  Check it out.

Beer Review: Blackberry Barleywine

Blackberry Barley Wine from New Belgium Brewing Company

Alex and I decided we wanted to fill our growler and howler with beers from Great Flood.  We checked out their Beer Menu and I was immediately drawn to the Barley Wine.  New Belgium’s website describes this beer:

The darker the berry, the sweeter the barley wine—that’s what we thought when brewing the first barley wine in New Belgium history. Blackberry Barley Wine channels the elegant spirit of a classic English barley wine, but with a kiss of blackberry to elevate the sip beyond convention.

It is 10% ABV with 50 IBUs and is classified as a Barley Wine

Amber’s Review (4/5):

I drank this beer a while ago, but don’t remember enough about it to talk about the beer without feeling like I’m not giving it full thought.  I’ll try to get better about review beers in a more timely fashion.


Panther from Rhinegeist Brewery

Just the look of this beer makes me drool. Hope its still available by the time I can drink again.

Alex Gustafson

I’ve been in porter & stout mode since August. I imagine the cravings I was going through is what some folks experience from lack of pumpkin beers (though I can only assume.) Whenever I saw a porter or stout available, I snagged it. We’re finally approaching that time of year when even grocery stores have plenty of heavy, malty options.

2015-11-17 20.13.54

Rhinegeist is a Cincinnati-based brewery that I’ve come to appreciate consistently. I still haven’t tried all their cans, but as I see new ones I usually grab a sixer. This is the first I’ve seen of their Panther Robust Porter and I purchased it with no hesitation.

Robust is an excellent word for it. The flavors are a mingled variety of earthiness and has a rich mouthfeel. Richer even than the West Sixth Christmas Ale, though it’s only half the alcohol by volume. It’s heavy, in a good way. You…

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