Possible Cold Sheep

I’ve been thinking a lot of what I want my 2018 knitting goals to include. I know that I want to get rid of my deep hibernation, mostly by finishing those items, but could also possibly include recovering the yarn. I’m also pretty sure that I want to make sure Grace has plenty of knitted items.

Now I’m thinking I want to add cold sheeping to that list.  Essentially that means that I would buy NO yarn next year.  (With the exception of a skein for my bday.) I have plenty of yarn and fiber in my stash.  I could knit for a couple years without buying any new yarn.

This would be a good exercise in self control. Which I’m already sort of failing. I’m currently looking at yarn for a cardigan that’s been calling to me for several months now.

I’m in trouble and 2018 hasn’t even started yet.

Streamlining Social Media

So I’ve finally decided after years of being a bunch of different screen names all across the internet that I’m going to choose one name.

I’ve decided to do this for several reasons, but mostly for the fact that now I can say one name when people want to search for my personal social media accounts.  Being 1/3 of a podcast is demanding a more present social media persona.

I’d normally not give a crap as to how easy/hard it is to find me on social media, but its even started to bug me that I don’t have a firm brand for myself on the podcast.  I’m really enjoying the podcast and I want to keep it going.  And if I have to relinquish my titles of Zarrek and RueRocker to do so, then oh well.

Here I am fulling embracing Brews and Ewes.

Temperature Scarf

I just got the urge to attempt the temperature scarf once more. My original attempt was a little too ambitious.

This time I’m going to keep things simple. And because I can never have things too simple I decided that I’m going to make two of these. One for my husband and one for my daughter. A representation of the year they each entered my life.

It sounds corny and maybe it is but I don’t care. I have the yarn. I have a project in mind. I even have a story. (Which isn’t always needed but is nice.)

Shawl by month

I have joined a mystery knit along (MKAL). I’m sent the next part of the pattern and the yarn every month. I’m in love. 

It’s super fun and the colors are working wonderfully. I’m actually looking in my stash to see if I can find some yarn suitable for another. 

I’m also debating on trying to change the pattern to make it work with worsted weight. 

If you are curious these are the places where you can find the yarn and the pattern


Typically if I mess up in my knitting I can find a way to calmly fix it. Or I just say, “whatever” and move on. This mix up had a few more tears and a lot more worries. And it had nothing to do with actual knitting.

I do a thing on ravelry called Will Work for Yarn. I was sending a project back to the owner. I ended up accidentally sending it to the wrong person. Oddly enough the two people in working for at the moment both have first names that begin with G. And of course it didn’t cross my mind until a couple hours after I had sent it off.

Which prompted me to go into a complete meltdown of epic proportions. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little over the top here, but it seriously felt like I wasn’t going to be able to fix this little flub of mine.

Of course it was fixable.  It just took some time and a lot of Alex calming me down.

Lets hope my next trip to the post office is less stressful.


I’ve been super busy IRL, but I’ve also created something in the interwebs world. My friends and I have started a podcast.

It is called Fuck This Knit

We talk about knitting while drinking beer. We swear a lot. And we have opinions. I’m not going to go too much into the content because you just have to listen.  Its only three episodes, but we have plans for more.  We post them on the second Tuesday of the month.

Go.  Check it out.