Character: Lizanth

Name: Lizanth Soudeun

History/Motivation: The 3rd daughter and the 5th child (out of 9) of a very wealthy lord from the southlands, Liz spent most of her time trying to catch the attention of someone… anyone. She was overlooked by her father because she was not a son. And she had been consistently told to wait her turn by her mother. Having two older sisters to marry off first. And too old to be taken care of by the nursery maids. Since everyone else ignored her, she found other things to occupy her time, like the stable boys. She managed to keep her affairs private by the promise that if her father found out, they’d quickly be beheaded. Eventually she had come to fall in love with the castle’s blacksmith. Of course her parents would never approve of such a union, so they decided to elope. On the night they were supposed to run away, her lover asked her to pledge her soul to him. Liz being the lovestruck child, agreed. His form then shifted to a horrible/beautiful succubus and left her standing at the gates to the castle all alone and with a binding agreement. She eventually ran away on her own, in hopes to find a way out of this contract.
Class: Warlock Alignment: Lawful Neutral Background: Noble Race: Human
1st stat: CHA
2nd stat: INT
3rd stat: DEX
Skill prof: History, Persuasion, Deception, Intimidation
Appearance: She is in her late teens, just entering marrying age. Olive skin, black hair, and green eyes. She is a rather beautiful woman, slightly taller than the average woman and has the beginnings of a woman’s curves. Out on the road she tries to keep her noble heritage a secret by wearing plainer clothes. She has long since sold all of her jewels and only knows of the simplest of braids. Old habits die hard though, her palate cannot handle anything less than the best.

Character: Sern

Name: Sern Hilkree

History/Motivation: Sern grew up in the life of a Skinner/Tanner. He went into the forest with his father and learned the trade quickly. His father, now an elderly man, runs the shop while Sern does most of the hands on work. He is the 3rd generation to belong to the guild and is very proud of this fact. But he does enjoy his time out in the woods hunting for his wares.
Class: Ranger: Hunter Alignment: Lawful Good Background: Guild Artisan: Skinner/Tanner Race: Human
1st stat: DEX
2nd stat: WIS
3rd stat: STR
Skill prof: Survival, Perception, Insight, Persuasion, Stealth
Appearance: Sern towers above most other humans, but tends to slouch in order to make other people feel less intimidated. He prefers for people to respect him rather than fear him. His skin is very tanned, which almost matches his brown hair and eyes. His face isn’t too handsome nor is it ugly. He seems to be a type of person who would be able to slip into a crowd unnoticed… except for his height.

Character: Helena

Name: Helena Priost

History/Motivation: She grew up in a well to do house, but knew nothing of her real parentage. She had been adopted as a baby, never knowing who her real parents were. From an early age she saw her adoptive mother charm other people into getting what she wanted. Helena decided this is the way she wanted to live. So she began studying. Any book on illusions/charms/trickery she could get her hands on. She spent most of her early adulthood studying, but in doing so became curious. Now she’s traveling from place to place looking for more spells to suit her style.
Class: Wizard: illusion Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Background: Sage Race: Dwarf
1st stat: INT
2nd stat: CHA
3rd stat: CON
Skill prof: Arcana, History, Investigation, Insight
Appearance: Young and youthful, she always has a smile on her face. Her long auburn hair is always in a new and intricate braid. Her hazel eyes sparkle with a mischievous glint. She is always wearing the latest fashions and has enough jewels to make even a queen jealous. A glance at her and one would assume she’s royalty or at the very least from a very well off family. She always has a skip to her step and her head held high.

Character: Je’run

Name: Je’run Pikton

History/Motivation: Dissatisfied with his clan’s fascination with the tinkering of metal and steel, Je’run decided to remove himself from such distractions and live a life of peace among nature. He spent ages learning the beasts and lands. He much prefers animal company as opposed to humanoid company, but he bears humanoids no ill will. He has always been willing to help travelers in need or to stop bandits before they struck. He only leaves his solitude now in order to find a kidnapped little girl he could not save.

Class: Druid: Circle of the Moon Alignment: Neutral Good Background: Hermit Race: Gnome

1st stat: WIS
2nd stat: INT
3rd stat: DEX

Skill prof: Medicine, Religion, Nature, Animal Handling

Appearance: He has a very wild and unkempt look about him. Some people might even confuse him with an animal at first. Covered in furs, feathers, and teeth (mementos to animals he had to use for survival). His hair is starting to gray, showing his age, but his green eyes show his caring soul. Average height and weight for a gnome.

Character: Alistor

Name: Alistor Kivet

History/Motivation: He received a vision from Bahamut (the Platinum Dragon). This vision included an ancient black dragon who has been creating havoc across the land. Bahamut chose him to defeat this enemy at any cost. Unfortunate for Alistor, this land that Bahamut showed him was far away. It took many years to travel to the new land, but in doing so he has rightfully trained and prepared himself for the task ahead.
Class: Paladin: Oath of Vengeance Alignment: Lawful Neutral Background: far traveler Race: Dragonborn (bronze)
1st stat: CHA
2nd stat: STR
3rd stat: CON
Skill prof: Insight, Perception, Athletics, Intimidation
Appearance: He is very tall, even for a Dragonborn. His broad shoulders and musculature gives him a rather intimidating presence. Which is doubled in the pure determination in his bronze eyes. His scales are also bronze, which is in stark contrast to the platinum color of his armor. The symbol of Bahamut is emblazoned on his chest and shield.

Character: Lesai

I apparently have a thing for tropes.

Lesai Paseo

She spent the first portion of her life tracing back her heritage to find the demon which gave her the infernal appearance and stigma that goes along with it. During this search she spent most of her time traveling from town to town, village to village. Only speaking to people to find information. She discovered that it was one of the major devils, Belial, who is a creator of evil. Bent on atoning for her heritage, she has now taken up arms to rid the lands of his demonic presence.

Class: Cleric: Protection domain Alignment: lawful good Background: outlander Race: Teifling

1st stat: WIS

2nd stat: STR

3rd stat: INT

Skill prof: religion, history, athletics, survival

Average human height, maybe a little on the thicker side. Her strength shows through even though she wears plate armor. Ashen skin and black eyes give her an appearance of a walking shadow, but she tries not to hide. She has the typical horns of a Teifling, which she has adorned with the sigils of her deity. She walks proudly knowing that she is righting the wrongs of her lineage

Character: Todwa

I’m starting my NaNoWriMo support month. I’m not actually participating but I’m creating an exercise for myself. Creating a character every day.

Todwa Farfeather

Daughter of a prominent politician. She seeks to create a name for herself. By day she works hard in her oratory skills and wins the hearts of crowds. By night she infiltrates the underbelly of her city to influence the more wicked things in her favor.
Class: Bard/Rogue Alignment: True Neutral Background: Criminal Variant: Spy Race: Half-elf
1st stat: CHA
2nd stat: WIS
3rd stat: DEX
Skill prof: acrobatics, deception, insight, intimidation, perception, persuasion, slight of hand, stealth
Tall and kinda lanky. Long face enhances her more elven features. Olive skin, brown eye, chestnut shoulder length hair. She tends to do her make up in such a way that when she’s playing her budding politician role she emphasizes her more human attributes. And when she’s rogue-ing it up, she places more attention to her elven features. Almost creating a second persona.