Experiment Alton Brown

My husband and I bought the Alton Brown cook book “Everyday Cook.” We are planning on cooking our way through this book one recipe at a time. We’ve already tried the chicken piccata (success) and the shrimp and grits (super success).

This morning we decided to be a little adventurous and try the mango lassi. I’ve never had fresh mango at home so I had no clue how to prepare it. After finding the Alton Brown video for cutting a mango I was confident in my skills. Chopped mango done.

Grated my fresh ginger. Added the salt and chili powder. Lastly I added the buttermilk. Yes buttermilk. I know lassis are made with yogurt but this was the Alton Brown version and he uses buttermilk. (He uses left over buttermilk from other recipes like his waffles or pancakes.) Blend till smooth and drink.

It was… interesting. It didn’t really look like the thing from the cookbook but I was positive that all the flavors were there.  I loved the fresh ginger. Not too sure on the buttermilk though. I can see where some people would love this drink and want it all the time. Alex and I agree that it’s not for us. Grace seemed to enjoy it though. Adventure baby.

Day 1

So I mentioned in yesterdays post that I was going to do something about my massive sugar intake of recently.  I had been toying with this idea for a little while now, but October (being absolutely full of sugar) pushed me to say yes.

I’m going to attempt the 21 DSD, a reset of my sweet tooth if you will.  I’m hoping I’ll go back to thinking that candy is sickeningly sweet and fruit is a wonderful treat.  I’m pretty excited about it.  My mother and best friend are also accompanying me on this journey.  Alex is being supportive, but isn’t going to be following the rules as strictly as the rest of us.

Day 1 has been filled with a massive amount of cooking to help my mom make it through the week.  She’s a teacher, so her breakfast and lunch times are limited.

The rest of my day will hopefully be comprised of cooking dinner and lots of knitting.  I also hope this headache doesn’t last too long.

Here’s to hoping and Day 1.