Possible Cold Sheep

I’ve been thinking a lot of what I want my 2018 knitting goals to include. I know that I want to get rid of my deep hibernation, mostly by finishing those items, but could also possibly include recovering the yarn. I’m also pretty sure that I want to make sure Grace has plenty of knitted items.

Now I’m thinking I want to add cold sheeping to that list.  Essentially that means that I would buy NO yarn next year.  (With the exception of a skein for my bday.) I have plenty of yarn and fiber in my stash.  I could knit for a couple years without buying any new yarn.

This would be a good exercise in self control. Which I’m already sort of failing. I’m currently looking at yarn for a cardigan that’s been calling to me for several months now.

I’m in trouble and 2018 hasn’t even started yet.

Temperature Scarf

I just got the urge to attempt the temperature scarf once more. My original attempt was a little too ambitious.

This time I’m going to keep things simple. And because I can never have things too simple I decided that I’m going to make two of these. One for my husband and one for my daughter. A representation of the year they each entered my life.

It sounds corny and maybe it is but I don’t care. I have the yarn. I have a project in mind. I even have a story. (Which isn’t always needed but is nice.)

Shawl by month

I have joined a mystery knit along (MKAL). I’m sent the next part of the pattern and the yarn every month. I’m in love. 

It’s super fun and the colors are working wonderfully. I’m actually looking in my stash to see if I can find some yarn suitable for another. 

I’m also debating on trying to change the pattern to make it work with worsted weight. 

If you are curious these are the places where you can find the yarn and the pattern

Knitting Mojo

Recently my knitting mojo has been next to nothing.  I’ve been working on the same two projects for months now.  I can’t tell if its because I’m bored with the projects, or that the pregnancy has me so tired that even knitting seems to zap all my energy.

Knitting has gone on my to do list for today.  I’m bound and determined to get this baby blanket done before the kiddo.

Also Alex is going to be busy next week, which means I’ll have a lot of time to myself.  I’m thinking about using this opportunity to either make a big push on the blanket, or starting a new project.  Just to see if I need a change of knitting pace.  For science… yeah… science.