There is Hope

I commute by bike.  Normally my experience is that most drivers are annoyed by my presence on the road.  I say the majority of people just drive past me, happy to get past the slow moving bike.  A small minority go out of their way to show their ass-hole-ish nature.

I haven’t been hit yet, but I’ve had my share of close calls.  People have yelled at me and given some rather unsavory gestures.  I try to remind myself that those people are the minority and I hope that they will eventually learn to accept bikes as vehicle.

Yesterday I had an encounter that was very refreshing.  A gentleman pulled up next to me in his rather large SUV.  I assumed that he was either going to tell me off or he was just trying to get in a position to pass me easier.  I was wrong.

He said, “Thank you for riding your bike.”  I was shocked.  No one has ever thanked me.  I’m sure I looked shocked because he then followed it up with asking me how far I ride.  I managed to answer before the light changed. That made my day and from the feel of things, it might be the highlight of the week.