Back at Work

I got a job again.  Still research.  Still same university.  Still same goofy people.  Just a different lab.

I’m also biking into work again.  Which means only one thing… my sit bones are sore.  Really sore.  I might be wishing for a thunderstorm to roll through so I can ask Alex to drive me, kind of sore.


Walking is an Option

Alex is busy this week, which means that I’m on my own for transportation to work.  I’m an adult, which means I can totally figure this out.

I could take the car.  But I’d either have to pay for parking, or park so far away I might as well just keep the car at home.  I could ask for a ride, but the people that I feel comfortable enough asking would have to go out of their way to come get me… doesn’t seem fair.  I could always dust off my bike.  Except for the fact that the Dr told me to not bike on busy streets.  And I am starting to get more and more stiff/sore/ache-y going to/from a sitting position.

So I pretty much left myself with the option of walking.  Which is good for a preggo lady (and people in general).  Living close to work has its perks.

Although I did discover that even with it being in the 60’s I’ll need to start bringing a second shirt to change into at work… whoops.